Our Story 

After 2 decades working in the Poultry Care industry and being passionate for Poultry, Ed Dias (Poultry Vet technician) and Dr. Geri Grozeva (Poultry Veterinarian) together decided to launch Pet-Hens-Care.

The main idea of this project is given families an opportunity to follow the chicken during its full life cycle.

Our Slogan is 

"Happy and healthy life from the beginning".

Who we are


Fco. Eduardo Dias

Ed Dias is a Brazilian veterinarian technician, graduating in 2004 and obtaining a post-graduate diploma in Poultry Science at Federal University of Uberlândia, Brazil (UFU) in 2008. He also concluded two other post-graduated diplomas: Poultry Science at the Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) in 2013 and Marketing at Anglia Ruskin University from Cambridge, UK in 2017. 

Ed has more than 18 years of experience in the Poultry Care area. In his first job he worked in the biggest poultry integration company called Brazil Foods - BRF in Brazil, as a poultry health manager for 5 years and then spent 5 years as Global Poultry Vet consultant at Vetworks in Belgium. Since 2017 has been working in different companies and countries, as a Corporate Product Manager for HIPRA in Spain, covering Newcastle disease portfolio vaccines for all continents, in Austria working for phytogenics products for Delacon as a Global Corporate Technical. And in the UK as a Monogastric Country Manager in Zinpro, he worked with trace elements covering UK, Ireland and Scandinavia, based in Cambridge, UK. 

Ed has also a Forest School Level 2 certificate as his favourite hobby and has a DBS check.      

Together with Dr Gergana he decided to set up the Pet-Hens-Care Project in Cambridgeshire area to focus on happy and healthy chickens throughout their life cycle. 


Dr. Gergana Grozeva MRCVS


Dr Geri Grozeva‘ s working experience over 18 years has given the opportunity to gain a thorough insight into the poultry veterinarian industry. It not only covers clinical aspects but also laboratory procedures of a DEFRA and UKAS accredited laboratory, as well as working for a policy-setting and regulatory body.

Gergana has graduated in the Trakia University Veterinary school in Bulgaria, where she also obtained her post-graduate qualification in Microbiology. In 2013 she obtained her second post-graduate diploma in Poultry Science with a merit grade from the University of Glasgow part of SRUC programme.

She had a major focus on the broiler breeding sector, broilers and commercial egg laying sectors at “Aves-94 JSC” Bulgaria building-up skills in serological, bacteriological and parasitological testing, as well as routine post mortem examinations.

What she finds valuable as a Microbiologist at Slate Hall Veterinary Practice since 2006 is carrying out the necessary diagnostic procedures which makes contribution to the recognition and identification of infectious diseases in poultry. She also participated in internal company investigation trials on ad hoc basis. Following up the understanding of diseases has often allowed effective treatments to be devised or preventative measures to be put in a place.

Having worked as a Science technical assistant in teaching at St Peter’s Sixth Form school since 2016 she has developed a wider range of skills that helps in performing the science practicals for better education.

Her background highly motivates Gergana to pursue the challenges in a dynamic, progressive business atmosphere with a particular interest in poultry.


"Both are passionate about chickens and child education."