Giving children the opportunity to learn patience from raising chickens.

There are multiple benefits for children including well-being, empathy, emotional and cycle life learning while caring for their chickens.


Chick Hatching Education Project

Nurseries, Schools & Care Homes 

The Pet-Hens-Care provide a unique experience with hatching eggs and care chick care advice. We deliver the eggs, equipment, special feed and a setup visit to be sure that your chicks will be born and grow happy and healthy. 

For schools and home care clients the hatching process will take only two days to go to the brooders. The chicks living the brooder in them 10th birthday of life, great moment for the farewell party.  (We will attend this special event). 

For home project, we keep the 21days normal hatching process. We know that 21 days to hatch can be long for child to wait, but when that first pip happens, the excitement will be tremendous. :)


Chick Hatching Plan

Schools, Nurseries, Care Homes and Backyard Chicken Keepers

  • 07 fertile eggs + incubator + brooder
  • 2 weeks special feed and supplements
  • Heating plate
  • Softwood woodshavings
  • Chick drinker and feeder 
  • Vet care advice and training 

Free - Delivery equipments


Incubator 07 eggs capacity

Chicken Brooder 

Chicken Hatching Cycle

Feed back from our customers 


" Thanks so much for the experience we loved it! Nice to see they are going to a lovely home".

Hannah Mayes, Nursery Manager

Bright Horizons - Long Road, Cambridge