Nettex Healthcare Products


The Nettex Poultry range of products provides everything you need for keeping your flock of Chickens happy and healthy all year round. Our complete range of UK manufactured, high quality chicken health and wellbeing products have been trusted by chicken keepers, both beginner and experienced, for over a decade. This leading range has you covered for all possible chicken related issues such as mite & pest control, health& wellbeing, hygiene, first aid, nutritionand essential kits.


Mite & Pest Control

Health & Wellbeing 


First Aid 


Kit Nutrition per phase

  • Kit feed early nutrition (1day – 2 weeks) + supplements
  • Kit feed growing period (3 – 18 weeks) + supplements
  • Kit feed production period (19 – 104 weeks) + supplements

Essential Kits 

A handy starter pack for keeping chickens containing three products that when used together form an effective hygiene and mite regime. Includes

Total Mite Kill Ready to use Spray (250ml)

Total Hygiene Powder (175g)

Total Mite Kill Aerosol (250ml)

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Poultry First AID Kit

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Poultry First AID Kit